Bessie DEAKIN (1891-1973)

Bessie DEAKIN was the daughter of William Robert DEAKIN and Betsy HODSON. Bessie was born on 8 December 1891 at 9 Lethbridge Road, North Meols, Ormskirk, Lancashire1. Shortly after Bessie’s birth in North Meols, Lancashire, her mother Betsy died.

Bessie grew up in Wigan and Pershore, Worcestershire and was educated at Leigh Bank College, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Leigh Bank College copyright Leamington Library
Leigh Bank College, Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa. 1900s
Reproduced from the “Our Warwickshire” website © Leamington Library

Bessie moved to Pate’s Grammar School for Girls in Cheltenham (14 September 1909 – 26 July 1911)2 when the family moved to the house on the site of the Toddington Jam Factory at Naunton Field.

Whilst living in Toddington, Bessie attended Alderton Wesleyan Chapel with her brothers and with Florence (Florrie) Tandy. Her brother John Bertram Deakin married Florrie in 1914, Bessie was one of the four bridesmaids.

Bessie often travelled to the United States:

At the age of 20, on 18 November 1911, she travelled with her father William Robert DEAKIN on the SS Lusitania from Liverpool to New York (arriving 24 November 2011) and then on to Alexander, Iowa, to visit her brother Samuel Wesley DEAKIN who was studying Theology at Drake University.

On 22 August 19313 boarded the SS Mauretania with her cousin Muriel Sarah Deakin ALSTEAD (a ‘Teacher’ from Gathurst, near Wigan) sailing from Southampton to New York, arriving 27 August 1931. At the time Bessie’s address was Norton Hall, Worcestershire.

Bessie never married and died in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, on 10 August 1973.

Parents of Bessie Deakin

William Robert DEAKIN

Siblings of Bessie Deakin

Samuel Wesley DEAKIN
John Bertram DEAKIN
May Elizabeth DEAKIN
William George DEAKIN MC
Robert Hartley DEAKIN
James Stanley DEAKIN


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