September 1893: Deakin’s Annual Picnic at Southport, Lancashire

From the Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, 23 September 1893

On Wednesday afternoon the employees of W.R.Deakin, preserve and marmalade manufacturer, journeyed to Southport to enjoy their annual picnic at his residence. On leaving Wigan the rain was pouring down, but soon after the picnickers found to their extreme delight that they had left the rain behind. Upon arriving at Southport the holidaymakers adjourned to a field close by Mr. Deakin’s residence. At five o’clock they assembled round the festive board, which groaned in spirit if not in natural voice, with the good many good things it was compelled to hold. After regaling the inner man, sundry parlour games were freely indulged in, and when the hour came for departure everyone felt that time had gone or too quickly.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Sidebotham to the host and hostess for the kind and genial way in which they had catered to their wants. He said that the spirits which prompted these annual gatherings between employer and employed was tending to knit together into a bond of unity the two great forces of labour and capital. The time was coming when he hoped that both employer and employed recognise in the fullest possible sense that the interest of each were identical, and that, for the carrying out of great industries to a successful issue, the full and entire confidence of each contracting party was indispensable. After the vote of thanks was seconded and carried, Mr. Deakin, in a few well-chosen remarks, said he fully endorsed what had been said with regard to employers and employees. The mutual confidence and recognition that the interest of both were one, was a principle he had always endeavoured to carry out. The present year has been the most try and one for all, but he hoped that brighter days will close at hand. He then he thanked the most sincerely for the kind remarks.