Minnie DEAKIN (1876-1956)

Minnie DEAKIN was the daughter of  Samuel Pownall DEAKIN and Sarah Ann SIDEBOTTOM. Minnie was born in 1876, Wigan, Lancashire.

In the 1881 Census, Minnie is recorded as a ‘Scholar’, living at 13 Wignall Street, Wigan, with her mother, Sarah, and her 7 brothers and sisters. In the 1891 Census, Minnie, aged 15, is recorded as living at 49 Corporation Street, Wigan, with her parents, brother and 4 sisters, occupation ‘Jam Wrapper’.

Minnie married William FOSTER (1875-1966), the son of Peter Foster and Mary Ashton, member of the Foster’s chairworks family, in 1898 in Wigan at Wigan Registry Office. Minnie and William had the following childen:

  1. William Norman FOSTER, b.1902, Wigan, d. 14 Aug 1910, aged 7 years 11 months at 52 Barnsley Street, Wigan.
  2. Minnie Deakin FOSTER, b. 12th April 1907, Wigan, d. 12 Apr 1907, at 3 Cygnet Street, Wigan.
  3. Majorie Deakin FOSTER, b. 1912, Wigan, d. 23 Sep 1993 Billinge, Wigan.

In the 1901 Census, living at 18 Rylands Street, William is recorded as working as a ‘Pickle and Sauce Bottler’ at Deakin’s jam and preserves manufacturing business at the Eclipse Works. By 1903 William was the works’ manager and Minnie, Willam and family were living in Gidlow Lane, Wigan. (see 1903 – Deakins’s Annual Picnic)

Minnie and William later lived at Beacon View, Chaucer Place, Mesnes Road, Wigan.

Minnie died on 16 July 1956, aged 80 and William on 17 August 1966, aged 90. Minnie, William and their children William Norman FOSTER and Minnie Deakin FOSTER are buried in plot A315, Lower Ince Cemetery, Wigan.

The grave of Minnie and William Foster and their children, William N. and Minnie D. Foster, Lower Ince Cemetery, Wigan

Parents of Minnie DEAKIN

Samuel Pownall DEAKIN

Siblings of Minnie DEAKIN

William Robert DEAKIN
(1862 – 1943)
George Edward DEAKIN
(1864 – 1940) 
Martha Elizabeth DEAKIN
(1866 – 1960) 
Samuel Pownall DEAKIN
(1869 – 1899) 
(1871 – 1966)
Sarah Ann DEAKIN
(1873 – 1960) 
Harriet Eliza DEAKIN
(1878- 1955)