George DEAKIN (1853-1952)

George DEAKIN was the youngest child and son of Robert DEAKIN and Rachel. George was born in 1853, Stockport, Cheshire.

George (a Hat Finisher1 and later a Restaurant Keeper) married Elizabeth DAVIES (a Shop and Housekeeper1 b. 1851, Stockport) in Stockport in 18752. George and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Martha Elizabeth DEAKIN, b. 1875, Stockport, Chesire3 d. 1890, Stockport
  2. Mary Hannah DEAKIN, b. 1878, Stockport4, d. 1960, Colwyn Bay, Wales
  3. George Arthur DEAKIN, b. 1881, Stockport5
  4. Lucy Pownall DEAKIN, b. 1884, Stockport6, d. Llyns, Wales, 1974
  5. Sarah Beatrice DEAKIN7, b. 13 February 1886, Stockport, d. 1986, London.
  6. Amelia Godward DEAKIN, b. 7 September 1889, Stockport8, m. Evan HOWELL, 1921, d. 1974, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

In 1881 George and Elizabeth were living at 12 Hindley Street, Stockport1 and later moved to 128 Grenville Street, Stockport.

Elizabeth died in Stockport on 28 November 1918, aged 66. Probate was granted on 11 January 1919 to her husband George, effects totalling £699.4s9.

George later died in Stockport in 1932 at the age of 79 years.

Mary Hannah Deakin never married and died on 13 March 1960. At the time Mary was living at 7 Cynfran Road, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire. In her will she left her effects totalling £2805 15s 6d to her sisters Lucy Pownall Deakin and Sarah. Mary is buried alongside her sister Lucy in in the cemetery at St Cynfran Church, Llysfaen, Wales (see Lucy Pownall DEAKIN for more details).2588dw

Sarah Beatrice Deakin, was born on 26 January 1886. Sarah worked for her Aunt, Sarah Deakin, married John William “Jack” James in Stockport, Cheshire, in 1923 and they had one son. Her husband, Jack, was the Congregational minister in Desborough, Northamptonshire. Sarah died in London, aged 100, on 21 June 1986.

Parents of George DEAKIN


Siblings of George DEAKIN

Samuel Pownall DEAKIN
Harriett DEAKIN
Rachael DEAKIN
Martha Pownall DEAKIN


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